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French for Mischa

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The definite article "THE" has four forms:

le = before a masculine singular noun beginning with a consonant. (le livre = the book)

la = before a feminine singular noun beginning with a consonant. (la page = the page)

l' = before a singular noun of either gender beginning with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or silent h. (l'ami or l'amie = the friend)
(l'homme = the man)

les = before all plural nouns. (les livres = the books / les pages = the pages / ls amis, les amis = the friends / les hommes = the men)

THE INDEFINITE ARTICLE "a (an)" has two forms: un before a masculine noun (un livre = a book) OR une before a feminine noun (une page = a page)

The article must be expressed in French before each noun, although it may be omitted in English:
le père et la mère = the father and mother
un crayon et une plume = a pencil and pen

NOTE: Exercises to everything and anything if you ask for them! :) Hateful having to retype everything here because on my desktop I can underline, use bold-face print and line it up a lot better! Oh well!


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