Can someone help me think of one word for....

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What's one good word that all sums up to seeing an advertisement triggers your emotions, like when you see something, cute like a dog, you go "awe" and you feel like buying the dog...or when you look at a food commercial, you think it's tasty and you feel like buying and eating the food.

Please!!!! Someone help me!!! I'm stuck on this -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance.

  • Can someone help me think of one word for.... -

    I am not positivly but to me when looking at an advertisement i think of "hmmmm" or I just say "intresting" and my mind just thinks about what i read in the advertising if it is in a poster. I hope it helps a little

  • Can someone help me think of one word for.... -

    What? I need like a word or a few words that define what I wrote initially...

  • Can someone help me think of one word for.... -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. At the moment I can not think of one word but perhaps "catches your eye," or "grabs your attention" rather than "overwhelms."

  • Can someone help me think of one word for.... -

    Is "empathic-empathy" what you are looking for?

  • Can someone help me think of one word for.... -

    I would think Cool! or Awessome!

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