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Fe(s) + Cu^2+(aq)--> Fe^2+(aq) +Cu(s)(1)

2Fe(s) + 3Cu^2+(aq)--> 2Fe^3+(aq) +3Cu(s) (2)

suppose that you use 1.110 g of Iron in this experiment what is the minimum volume of 1.0M of copper sulfate solution that you should add?

Hint: since you don't know wheteher equation 1 or 2 is the appropriat one you must base your calculations on whichever of tthe equations would require the most copper sulfate for any given quantity of iron?

lol..I tried and subsequently realised I didn't know what I was doing. any help would be appreciated

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    No. An equation is balanced only if mass is balanced AND charge is balanced. EQuation (2) balances both.
    Check the charge changes to verify.

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    but she was looking for a numerical answer...are you saying the equation is flawed?

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