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Would you please look over my answers to these questions and see if you agree that I have chosen the best answer.
If my answers are wrong-please let me know.

1. When storytelling,memorization is:

A. a good idea for phrases or sections
that are repeated in the story.

B. necessary for the whole story.

C. not needed for any parts since
it would sound too mechanical.

D. crucial for the sequence of the

2. Storytelling may be difficult for
some children because:

A. they speak too softly to be heard.

B. they can't think of anything to say.

C. there are no pictures to talk about.

D. they must speak alone without
carrying on a conversation.

1.(A) a good idea for phrases or
sections that are repeated
in the story.

2.(C) there are no pictures to talk

Please let me know if you feel my answers are wrong.

  • Preschool/Storytelling -

    I agree with both of your answers. :-)

  • Preschool/Storytelling -

    My experience tells me you are right.

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