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It is now 10:29a.m, but when the bell rings at 10:30a.m. Suzete will be late for french class for the third time this week. She must get from one side of the school to the other by hurring down three different hallways. She runs down the first hallway, a distance of 35.0m at a speed of 3.50 m/s. The second hallway is filled with students and she covers its 48.0-m length at an average speed of 1.20 m/s. The final hallway is empty and suzete sprints its 60.0-m length at a speed of 5.00 m/s.
Doea suzette make it to class ontime or does she get detention for being late again?

  • physicsss -

    distance = rate*time
    time for first hallway is
    time = distance/rate = 35.0/3.50 = ??
    Do time for second hallway and third hallway the same, add the times together, and see if the total adds to more than 1 minute (the difference between 10:29 and 10:30).

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