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integrated science

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I have two questions for you experts out there..
1.)List and draw six warning symbols found in your home.
2.)Give three reasons why special attention must be pay to rules in a lab.
Thank you so much for your help experts.

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    First, you have asked us to do your work. Second, you have asked us to draw symbols etc and we can't draw anything on these boards.
    Hint for #1. Look in your home (look for hazardous materials) and find symbols on those containers.
    Hint for #2.
    a. You don't want to start a fire.
    b. You don't want to harm your neighbor.
    c. You don't want to harm yourself.

  • integrated science -

    1. Look around in your kitchen and bathroom(s). There should be various packages in both rooms with warning labels on them that also have warning symbols. Remember: The directions say "found in your home." There might also be some found on various electronics -- television, computer, etc.

    2. What are the lab's rules? Why do you think the teacher has those rules? What kinds of bad situations is the teacher trying to teach you to avoid?


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    all of you people are have no respect asking me ...........mannn....i really got to get it done by 2morrow..thx anyway for nothing.

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