We don't do YOUR WORK

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We don't do your homework for you. We will proof read, make suggestions, give you sites where you can find information. Encourage! Applaud!!
But it is your brain that needs the exercise of new thoughts and exploring ideas. Go for it!

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Absolutely, GuruBlue. It looks as though a few posters dump large and complex homework assignments on to this board in hopes that someone will do the work for them. I wonder who will do the work for them when they actually have a paying job??

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Excellent, GuruBlue and Ms. Sue.

    I agree completely, and I hope students understand that it's NOT in their best interest to have someone else do their work for them.


  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Hear, hear.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    your all wrong!! Sometimes us kids need help!!! we're under so much pressure, that none of you understand. We just thought it would be nice that for ONCE in our life that the answer was given to us. Sorry for thinking other people could be courteous and nice.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Annie, if you look through the posts on this board, you'd see that most questions are answered and explained courteously. We might even give you a simple answer occasionally. But we try to show you how to do your work.

    By the way, we were all kids and students once, and some of us still are students.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    understandable, and I have read through all these posts. and might I remind you that school has changed alot since you were there so you still have no idea.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    WOW! WRONG! If someone gives you the answer, how do you learn how to do it for yourself? What happens when you come to the test or quiz, or even the final exam! You can't expect someone to do it for you. It's called homework help NOT do my homework for me. Trust me, I get the pressure, not once, though, has someone actually done my own work for me!

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    We can be courteous and nice. I personally consider it more of a detriment for a student (which I am as well; stop with the "wah, you can't relate to me" business) to be given any answers.

    I know you hate this by now, but that won't fly in the Real World. We can help you along, hint, tell you /how/ to get an answer so you can do all of them yourself, and give you resources, but we will rarely give you answers to use without knowing how the subject works or how we arrived at the answer.

    It really doesn't help you.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    I agree, I hate people who get others to do their work! Which, is why I am appologizing! I think the question I posted made it sound like I wanted you all to do it for me...I posted again by the way. But seriously, I agree! This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, but I really need a push in the right direction for my question, it is difficult. Which is why this site is good. For persons who need a push, but can't find another resource.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Brooke -- we weren't aiming our comments at you. We enjoy nudging students in the right directions and you're welcome to ask questions when you're confused. If you can, though, we appreciate it if you tell us what particular part of the question has you stumped.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    :) , well I did my question in parts, trying to find what I didn't have....I found:

    1.) displacement of car before red light
    2.) delta t of car before red light
    3.) delta t of car after it accelerates
    4) total time of car & train moving (which sounds wrong)
    5.) total displacement of train (which sounds wrong)

    Also, I feel as if I am missing a part in which I can use to help solve how far behind the train the car is.

    Any ideas?

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    Brooke -- I'd like to help you but I never even took physics.

    Please repost your original question and the work you've already done. It seems that your original post is buried so far down that the physics tutors may not see it.

  • We don't do YOUR WORK -

    well I have to leave now, so I will repost later, if I cant figure it out... Thanks anyways I appreciate,, and besides I got to help others this site, so though I cant get my question, my time was fulfilling!

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