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Children's Lit.

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I asked this question today, and made a
mistake in my question. I should have said"reread instead of "read"

When children ask for a book to be reread,it is probably NOT because:

1. it is developmentally appropriate
2. they feel a sense of knowledge
3. they enjoyed the book
4. they are seeking to avoid undesirable

My text states:

Holdaway(1991) believes the request to
"read it again" arises as a natural
developmental demand of high significance and an integral part of book exposure. The child's behavior alerts adults to which books hold and occupy them. Children often ask to have the stories reread because by knowing what comes next,they feel competent,or they simply want to stretch out what is enjoyable.

So,would the best answer still be 1 or4?

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    Thanks for including the information from your text. It states that children asking to have a book read again shows that it's a result of natural development. It also says that the children ask because they enjoyed the book and feel a sense of competency because they know the book.

    That leaves # 4 as the best answer. Your text doesn't mention that children ask to have a book read in order to avoid an unpleasant task.

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