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i just completely blanked on how to solve one of these questions: eighteen students went to the museum, but only one third saw the prehistoric exhibit. how many students saw the exhibit? i know that in this case, u could just divide 18 by 3, but what if i didn't know that? what is the actual way to solve it?

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    What you did was fine..

    18(1/3)= 6

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    i know, but i'm not sure how to solve it, like, if it were in an actual expression or if the numbers were 27 and two fifths...i can't figure out that actual expression to write out or the formula to solve it..

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    Please write the expanded and word form of 2.089 as well as the fraction form

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    same way..

    just multiply the fraction by the number your multiplying it by.
    That is a formula in itself.

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