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Is this an example of sequential billingualism or simultaneous billingualism? (I'm thinking it's an example of sequential billingualism.)

Adrienne is four years old. Her mother is French,and her father is American.
They both have spoken their native language to Adrienne since birth,and
now she speaks both.

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    Please rethink your answer.

    Sequential bilingualism is when a person learns a second language later than s/he learns the first language. My friend, Hee-Jin, learned only Korean when she and her parents lived in Korea. But when they moved to the U.S. when she was 10, she began learning English. She is now thoroughly sequentially bilingual.

    Simultaneous bilingualism is when a child learns two languages at the same time. Adrienne is an example of simultaneous bilingualism.

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    I am confused. My text defines simultaneous bilingualism as a child younger than three years of age who
    learns two(sometimes more)languages
    at the same time and sequential
    bilingualism as a child who learns
    a second language after age three.

    Since Adrienne is four years old-
    (according to the text)I am thinking
    she is she would be using sequential bilingualism.

    Wwhich should I put, sequential or simulteaneous?

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    The text says that Adrienne's parents have spoken both English and French to her since she was born. Therefore, she learned both languages before she was three. This is an example of simultaneous bilingualism.

  • Ms.Sue-- ''Please reply" -

    I need help!

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    Simultaneous means at the same time. Adrienne learned both French and English at the same time.

    Sequential means one after the other.

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