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I need help to even start this paper with the required information but I've re-read the chapter and I am not understanding. Can someone help me make an outline to write out a good essay on this assingment with helping answering and understanding the correct way. Thank you I APPRECIATE any help.

The Assingment reads as follows:

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in APA format, including citations and references, about the following statement: The U.S. government fostered monopoly or oligopoly ownership throughout radio’s history. Why do you think this occurred, and how do you think that policy benefited or disadvantaged the development of radio?

• Demonstrate logical inquiry, while suspending judgment, by equitably considering both the advantages and disadvantages of government-fostered ownership in your discussion before choosing which to favor.

• Practice problem-solving by:

o Defining the problem effectively, citing evidence of pros and cons

o Identifying consequences for various stakeholders (owners, consumers, sponsors, manufacturers, etc.)

o Considering alternatives in your decision-making process.

• Provide an evaluative decision by ensuring that it is based on reasonable interpretation of the evidence.

All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way, including:

· The U.S. government’s support of:

1) Early military and RCA monopolies of radio

2) Network control of the airwaves

3) The conflict between commercial investors and the interests of non-profit and educational enterprises.

  • history -

    As I understand it, in the early days of U.S. radio (1903 - 1946), the government did foster a few companies to control radio.

    Here's an outline you may be able to use.

    I. Introduction.
    Include the basic statement (The U.S. government fostered . . .)
    In a sentence, explain why the government did this.
    Briefly give your opinion about whether it was beneficial or not. This will be your thesis statement.

    II. Disadvantages of government support
    This may take several paragraphs.

    III. Advantages of government support
    This may also take several paragraphs.

    IV. Conclusion
    Repeat your thesis statement with a summary of your supporting reasons.


    Be sure to include the vital parts that your assignment requires.

  • history -

    You may want to make part II the historical background. Then go on to the disadvantages and advantages (in either order).

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