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what does the sign that has a C and = over top of it mean in Algebra? Is it equals to or something else?

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    Can you post symbols use in a problem? That may help us to identify it easier.

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    (3x-6)(x-8)(2x-7)=0;x C=natural numbers

    Cand = are on top of each other.....

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    I am still not quite sure what it is asking. But here are my thoughts.

    In col 1, row 15 of this chart of Math symbols
    (To find this chart, do a google search for "algebra symbols" and the 1st link should be off of gomath)

    is shown the "is an element of" symbol,
    which as I read your question would mean

    Solve (3x-6)(x-8)(2x-7)=0 where x is an element of the set of all natural numbers (or in other words, the value of x is a natural number). I hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your help!

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