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This is from a college essay unit. What type of stuff do you think they want me to put when they say "my best abilities are..." I'm not sure if they're looking for stuff like leadership, responsibility, etc. or stuff like playing tennis, running, etc. Also, it says "areas I need to improve are.." I came up with time management and organization but there is also question that say "study weaknesses" so I am not sure if time management and organization need to go under areas I need to improve on or study weaknesses. I don't really want to have the same answer for both questions. And what should I put for short term and long term career goals if I am not sure what I want to do yet?


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    Is it possible the college is trying to get you to think on your weaknesses, strengths, and develop a plan to improve?

    I would list things I thought were personal strengths and weaknesses. If you are unsure, ask your mom.

    Long term goals is harder. One almost has to psychoanalyze oneself to see where one wants to head.

    Organization and time management are study skills. Personal weaknesses that often cause weak organization is lack of motivation, and that is related to lack of a clear short term and long term objective in life.

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