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1. How to find the numbers, if there are any, at which f has a realtive minimum. What is the realive minima?

The graph that I have looks like W, it has point at -1 on the x axis, 1 on the y axis, and 1 on the x axis.

Choices that I have:
a. f has a relative minimum at x=0; the relative minimum is 1.

b.f has a relative minimum at x=-1 and 1; the relative minimum is 0.

c.f has a relative minimum at x=-1; the relative minimum is 0.

d.f has no relative minimum.

Determine whether the given fucntion is even, odd, or neither (I don't understand how you these problems)

2. f(x)=x^3 -x^2
3. f(x)=-4^5+x^3

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