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follow up(for Count Iblis)

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i have a follow up question for a previous post

How do you know 2B is (20 "+" B) and not (2 "x" B)
to me this question does not make sense... it comes from a review packet for the SAT

Q: If 299 is divisible by 2B, and B represents a positive digit, what is the value of B?

a.) 2
b.) 3
c.) 4
d.) 6
e.) 9

  • follow up(for Count Iblis) -

    2B is not 20 + B, in general. They can only be equal if B=20.

    299 is evenly divisible by the integers 13 and 23 only. If 2B is 13 or 23, B cannot be an integer. None of the multiple choices are correct.

  • follow up(for Count Iblis) -

    From the original question (not posted here) it was clear that 2B means 20 + B here, because B was referred to aa a digit. Also, as drwls pointed out, the question doesn't make sense if 2B is interpreted as 2*B

    As I replied below, from the fact that 23 is a divisor, you can read off that B = 3.

  • follow up(for Count Iblis) -

    got it!

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