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Cleopatra was needed barge workers, and when the word went out 175 workers showed up, that is 21/2 times the amount needed. How many workers were originally needed? (I am trying to help my niece with her homework, and we live 600 miles apart. Can you explain to me how to get the answer?)

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    Let x = original number needed.
    2.5x=175 (I assume that is 2-1/2 or 2.5 and not 21/2; i.e., twenty one halves.)
    x = 70
    Give your neice this site and let her post her questions. It will be faster and we would love to help her. You can help, too, of course, by checking to make sure we are answering correctly. BUT we don't usually work the problem through as I have done for this one.

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