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Physics 221

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1. throughout a time interval, while the speed of a particle increases as it moves along the x axis, its velocity and acceleration might be:

A. positive and negative, respectively
B. negative and positive, respectively
C. negativa and negative, respectively
D. negative and zero, respectively
E. positive and zero, respectively

2. An object is thrown vertically upward. While it is rising:

A. its velocity and acceleration are both upward
B. its velocity is upward and its acceleration is downward
C. its velocity and acceleration are both downward
D. its velocity is downward and its acceleration is upward
E. its velocity and acceleration are both decreasing

  • Physics 221 -

    on the first, the direction of travel is not specified, so it could be either.
    On the second, gravity is always acting downward, is it not?

  • Physics 221 -

    1 = A

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