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Can ANYONE please help me by going to either the very bottom of this page or the top of the next and click on "English-URGENT-HELP NEEDED!"?
I really need some help on that one and I'm afraid no one will find it and I'll have to keep posting it over and over.

  1. Anonymous

    It's now on the top of page two, and just called "English".

  2. Ms. Sue

    Looking --

  3. Ms. Sue

    Here's your question.

    Thank you for everything, but nothing seems to be helping. I think I just need to make myself clearer. This is my assignment:
    ~Begin reading the play (A Raisin in the Sun) and draw and label a diagram of the stage for yourself.~
    Beneath, this is the diagram provided:
    Up Stage

    Stage Right Stage Left

    Down Stage

    That given diagram takes up the whole page. My job is to DRAW and LABEL everything where it goes, whether up stage, down stage, right or left stage.

    I have DRAWN two bedroom doors, but in order to LABEL them, I need to find out who they belong to. In the book, it says Mama and Bennie's bedroom door is "at left". Walter and Ruth's is opposite-"at right". I am confused as to which door is whose. Should Mama and Bennie's bedroom("at left") be labeled as the door that's on stage right or left? Same for Ruth and Walter's.

    Also, there's a third door which leads into and out of the apartment. I've looked at what you've given me, but I don't see it. Where should I draw this door?(up stage, down stage, stage right, or stage left?) (I've ruled out down stage, which is right in front of the audience).

    One more thing. What else should be drawn in the diagram of the stage besides the three doors, the window, Travis' bed, the table and chairs, and the couch?

    Stage managers have a certain leeway as to where they place objects. Skim through the play again to see if there is anything else you need in your diagram.

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