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almost done with!
2 3x – 6(2x – 0.055) = 10x + 0.515

I don't know what want but assuming your solving for x...

23x-12x-.33= 10x + 0.515
11x-.33= 10x + 0.515
x= 0.845

You need to clarify your post. Is that 23x or 3x (for problem #2 perhaps)?
IF it is 23, then note that the -0.33 in the solution provided should be + and not - and
x = 0.l85 and not 0.845.
Check my thinking.

Okay I'm not going to be lazy I'll just redo what I did wrong on that.

If it is 23x of course...
23x-12x+.33 = 10x + 0.515
11x+.33 = 10x + 0.515
x= 0.815

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