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How do you start a community?

Please explain your question. Are you asking about how to start a town of people? Or a community of crayfish? Or a special interest community, such as a club or a church?

We'll be glad to help you if you clarify your question.

We are asking about a community of people. This is for a 2nd grade class.

Thanks for the explanation as well as the grade level. Both help.

A community is a group of people who have similar ideas, culture. or interest.

On as second grade level you may stat a community by bringing together a group of people who have something in common such as being in a class. They can discuss what they have in common and what if any ideas are different. A record of some type can be kept about their joint decisions A leader may be appointed or elected. Rules can be established so that the community group can function well together.

I hope that this answer is helpful.

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