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Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the site for the book, here is a site for the film, made in 1930:


If you go to: http://www.Netflix.com and enter "All Quiet On The Western Front" in the "search" box on the upper-right hand side you can see the Preview of the 1930 film. There was also a remake iin 1979. If you are a member of Netflix and have a PC the movie is available for instant viewing on your computer screen.

I am struggling with history homework, which is about World War 1. Just recently my class watched a film called "All Quiet On The Western Front" and I unfortunately was absent for this film study and now am required to answer a few questions. If any of use have watched this movie I will really appreciate it if you can answer some of my questions.

1. What did the old men back home have to say about the war and what did Paul think about this and why?
2. What did Mrs Kimmerick make Paul promise?
3. What did the teacher tell the class and why?
4. What did the men do to kill the rats?
5. What does the title "All Quiet On The Western Front" mean?
6. Do you believe the novel that the film is based on is a pro-war or anti-war novel? Give your reasons.

I have not see the movie, but here is a place where you can review the book:


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