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In 300 words describe Average Amercian perceptions of Muslim, Arabs and Christian Americans

Here are some previous answers to this question for you:

Well you have to look at the country where they are from, which would be Persian, Turkish, Mongol, Indian, Malay, Berber, and Indonesian, basically from the east. How they were raised look at their cultural, they are Islamic Religion, and the Arabs are from the same groups of people. Muslim language and literature used Arabic, Persian, South Asian and Modern.
When you go to visit there country you would think twice about going there.
This Nation raises their kids to be suicide bombers and they are proud of it. They are taught to hate as small children.
Muslim are the seed of Abram because they came from Hagar the handmaiden of Sarai Abram's wife she had a son name Ishmael.

That is how the Muslim Nation and Arabs became into existance which are the same people from the same line. But they argue they are not from Abram. Where are they from?

The Arabs language Arabic and Islam. They used Urdu literature & Persian. Both used Qur'an. Both Muslims and Arabs used The Story of a Thousand Fools.
The Muslim women are not esteem like the American women here in the United States, they can be divorced by their man even killed for what ever reason.

Well the American's have many different denominations here in the United States.
When your here in the United States you wonder what will be the next place to get hit by the terrorist. People could be living in fear if you go there. Or just talk about the up bring of the nation

I hope that gives you some idea what you need. I didn't even go into the other stuff on what is going on in the world today.

I hope this is what your looking for or helps you out.

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