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legal and ethical issues

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Describe a situation in which a memeber of a group disagreed w/the actions of the group based on ethical grounds. What was the outcome and impact of this situation?

Is is possible to describe Watergate? There are thousands of examples in history: dropping of the first atomic bomb, the invasion of Wake Island, and so on.

You should describe a situation you personally have witnessed.

Here are a few of my recollections of times when a member disagreed with a group's actions on ethical grounds.

When I was in college in the early 50s, my sorority didn't accept a potential new member because she "looked Jewish." I disagreed, but was voted down. Later, I wanted us to pledge an African-American, but the national sorority forbade it.

As a young teacher, I moved that our local education association fight for a region-wide goal of paying teachers at least $7,000 annual salary. I was voted down, even though the regional organization supported it.

A few Congress members opposed both wars in Iraq. They lost.

Churches have divided on ethical issues, especially during the Civil Rights era.

Have you seen an instance when one person opposed a group's bullying of a victim?

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