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I have a problem I need some help on. I answered some.

For many years the numbers of accidents per week at a hazardous intersection have been studied. The number of accidents per week varies with mean 2.2 and standard deveiation 1.4.

1. Could the exact distributin of the number of accidents per week be described by a normal distribution?
I've drawn the normal curve showing the mean of 2.2 in the center of the curve and deviating both directions 1.4

2. Looking at only 52 weeks we can calculate x-bar the mean number of accidents per week. What is the approximate distribution of x-bar according to the Central Limit Theorem?

N(2.2, 0.194)

3. What is the approximate probability that x-bar is greater than 2 accidents per week?

P(x-bar > 2)

4. What is the probability that there are fewer than 100 accidents at the intersection in a year?

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