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Can someone please tell me if I worked this out correct and ended with the right answer?

Thank You...

I need to find the area and Height of this right triangle ( only knowing the lengths of its sides)side 6,5,11...
Is this correct?

sides 6, 5, 11
A< 11 (11-5) (11-6) (11-11)>
=11 . 6 . 5 = 330
sqare root of 330 = 18.2
Area = 18.2
1/2 base 11 = 5.5

5.5 / 18.2 = 3.3

Height = 3.3

Area= 18.2
Height= 3.3

First of all, a triangle with sides 5,6, and 11 is not possible, least of all a right triangle.

Secondly in your calculations, I recognize the steps needed to use Heron's Formula for finding the area of a triangle.
Is that what you are doing?

Check again what the correct sides are and I will help you

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