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Early Child Ed.

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Would you please check these questions and my answers? Please let me know the ones you seem to think are wrong.

1. You want children to walk in the
hallway. If they begin to run,
the best thing to say to redirect
them is:

A. "Stop Running."
B. "Walk in the hallway."
C. "Running is for outside."
D. "We don't run."

2. A child's noncompliance is often
due to all of the following except:

A. too many rules
B. not enough choices
C. poor ability to understand
D. a bad personality

3. A major goal of a child's transition
to a new program is to:

A. meet new people
B. learn new skills
C. meet new teachers
D. transfer skills

4. Transition planning for children
with special needs should focus
primarily on:

A. maintaining continuity of services
B. getting the child ready for school
C. the family's needs
D. the child's needs

Here are my answers,please let me know the ones that are wrong.


#1. (B) "Walk in the hallway"
#2. (D) a bad personality
#3. (D) transfer skills
#4. (C) the family's needs

thanks for your help!

Your first three answers are correct. However, please look at the fourth question again. The emphasis should always be on the child. Schools are not responsible for families, but are certainly responsible for meeting the educational needs of children.

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