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I had to create a word problem. My final result was 8 < 8.56 but I am not sure how to graph it. I know you can't show graphs on this site but can you give pointers?

8 < 8.56 is an obvious statement of fact. I don't see how it can be the result of a word problem. On a graph, you'd just have a line representing value of x. 8 would be to the left of 8.56

I started off with 336 + 25s < 550

s stands for students

In that case, the solution is
25 s < 214
s < 8.56

Whatever your word problem is, any value of s less than 8.56 will satisfy it. You don't need a graph to illustrate that.

It would help us if you stated the original word problem that led to that answer.

Sure....I'll show what has been requested and my scenario. I just wasn't sure how I was supposed to graph it. (shaded area)

The Science instructor estimates that a group of students (on a hiking expeditin) can carry less than 550lbs of food and equipment. The group must carry 336lbs of equipment as well as 251lbs of food for each student. What is the greatest possible number of students on the field trip?
336lb + 25lbs times numer of students is less than 550lbs
336 + 25s < 550
336 + 25s - 336< 550 -0336
25s < 214
25/25 < 214/25
s < 8.56
The greatest number of students in the field trip is 8
equipment plus the food is less than 550lbs

OK, I see how your answer came from a word problem. I think you typed 251 lbs when you meant 25 lb. Since the number of students must be an integer, it is correct to say the answer is 8 or less.

Something other than the students must be carrying and limiting the amount of the food and equipment. Perhaps they are using a certain number of pack animals or a small boat. Otherwise, numbers of students smaller than 8 would have an even harder time carrying the 550 lb.

As far as a graph is concerned, but show a line from 0 to 10 (or higher) with a heavy line going from 0 to 8.56. Integers in that range are potential answers. (1 through 8)

You are right....I need to decrease the amounts. I still don't fully understand how to shade. I understand that I need to shade from 0 to 8.56 but do I shade from 0 on the right side of x to any point on the right and up to 8.56? also not below the x line....sorry..... I just learned how to plot but now need to get this concept. Thank you for your help....

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