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What does jury member do? do they give their decision before the main judge gives, or their decision is final? I am confused

Juries are usually made up of 12 people who decide whether an accused person is innocent or guilty. The jury must reach a unanimous decision. They tell the court, including the judge, whether they believe the person is innocent or guilty. The judge then sets the innocent person free or sentences to guilty person. A jury's decision is final, although it can be appealed to a higher court.

The unanimous decision must be reached in criminal cases. In most or all states in the US, civil cases call for a majority. In criminal cases, the juries have to decide based on the concept "beyond a shadow of a doubt" or whatever the phrasing is in each state's laws. In civil cases, juries decide based on a "preponderance of evidence."

Civil =

Criminal =

There are no easy answers to your question!!


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