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The output of a diesel generator, which contains a mixture of CO2 and H2O gases, is collected in a sealed vessel at 447 K. As the mixture cools to 298 K, the pressure falls from 3.0 atm to 0.80 atm. What is the ratio of CO2 to H2O in the mixture?

Have you tried using Avagadro's hypothesis or the ideal gas laws?

Yeah. - They don't work -_-

At 298K, the water vapor has condensed to liquid, so the gas mixture left is CO2 + a little water vapor due to partial pressure of water.
So look up th partial pressure of water at 298K. Subtract that from .8 atm, and you have the pressure of CO2. Solve for the moles of CO2 in the gas given PVT. Now, go back to the origianl pressure. You know moles of CO2, solve for the partial pressure given VTn. Subtract that from 8.0atm, and you have the pressure of the water vapor. Solve for the moles water vapor.

Cheers Bob. You are awesome!

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