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pls help w/t math ?

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in a right triangle ABC, if ab is 14 and bc is 12 wut is bd?

there is a pic of a large trangle abc and in it is a line drawn down angle c making it line cd. angle acd then becomes a right trangle as well.

i tried working = proportions and pyth thm but i don't seem to be getting the right answer. i also no theses r simialiar triangles. the answer is 72/7 but i don't no how.

I will assume in your triangle ABC, angle C is the right angle.

Make three columns, one for each of the angles, listing the sides given under each angle for the large triangle and the similar smaller one


12...√52..14 ( I found √52 by Pythagoras)

Now set up your ratios:

BD/12 = 12/14 which will give you BD = 72/7

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