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For an example of charge balance in my text it says
Write a charge balance eqzn for an aqueous sol that contains NaCl,
Ba(ClO4)2, & Al2(SO4)3

The answer given is:
[Na+] + [H30+] + 2[Ba+] + 3[Al3+]= [ClO4-] + [NO3-] + 2[SO42-] + [HSO4-] + [OH-]

I know that the rxns are:

NaCl=> Na+ + Cl-

Ba(ClO4)2 => 2Ba2+ + 2ClO4-

Al2(SO4)3 => 2Al3+ + 3SO42-
SO42- + H2O => H2SO4- + OH-

The thing is I don't know how they get [NO3] from these being combined together
Maybe I forgot an rxn? b/c the rxn's aren't shown, just the answer...

2H2O => H3O+ + OH-

The answer book goofed. NO3^- doesn't belong and Cl^- has been omitted. I suspect the original salt was NaNO3 and not NaCl. I think the answer then would be ok.

Thanks Dr.Bob, I was wondering where they got the NO3 from

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