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Early Child Ed.

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Would you please check these questions and my answers, and see if my answers are the best possible choice?

1. A category specifically related to
special needs in communication is:

A. speech and language disability
B. mental retardation
C. emotional disturbance
D. learning disability

2. A child who grew up in poverty and
abuse yet eventually went to college
probably possessed:

A. many books
B. multiple intelligences
C. vulnerability
D. resilience

3. A special education teacher might
recommend an orientation and mobility
specialist for a visually impaired
child who:

A. moves too slowly.

B. wears glasses.

C. has trouble getting from class to
the lunch room.

D. can't see the blackboard.

4. A child with a hearing loss may
have trouble making friends because:

A. it is a lot of work for them
to communicate.

B. they are not friendly

C. they prefer to be alone

D. teachers don't know sign language

My answers for questions:

#1.(A) speech and languge disability.
#2.(D) resilience.
#3.(C) has trouble getting from class
to the lunchroom.
#4.(A) it is a lot of work for them
to communicate.

Thank you for your help!

Great! All of your answers are correct! Good job!

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