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What does IP Address mean? HOw is it used?

IP address is your Internet Protocol address. Its kinda of like your street address but for your computer like how you put a return address on letters your IP address is recorded when visiting websites and posting things so the website operators know where your coming from. It is mostly used to prevent spam and abuse because web administrators can block an IP address if the user using it is abusig the site, etc etc.

IP stands for "Internet Protocol."

Think of the IP Address as the electronic equivalent of a street address. It's a series of numbers assigned to your computer so it can be identified on the network.

AOL's web server IP address is

Instead of typing in type in and it will pull up the same web site.

Your computer also has an IP address. This helps identify you on the computer. When you visit a web site or do anything on the internet, the computer you are connected to knows where to send the information to because of your IP Address.

Like Shyloh said, it can be used by some administrators to block access to a site. But that's not its primary purpose.

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