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NExt year I am the 5th and 6th grade self contained Spec. Ed teacher. I have ONE 5th grader and about 10 6th graders...HOw do I teache rboth curriculums in one day??Particularily Soc. Studies and Science??

Please check with your principal, special ed or curriculum director. I think the best solution is to teach the same social studies and science to all of your students. Of course, you'll need to make some adjustments and modifications, depending upon the skills of each individual. Also, check their IEP's to see what the goals are for each student.

It is good that you are planning for this now.

In addition to the excellent suggestions above please consider the following.

You may have a para to assist you in your class.

Tutoring may be available either through No Child Left Behind or other funds.

Have a lot of group work where the 5th grader may be "integrated" with his/her classmates. Choose his/her groupmates wisely.

Take the 5th grader aside and listen to his concerns. You should do the same with his parents.

Discuss with your supervisor in a friendly manner why this situation occurred. You may learn something.

You may find that the 5th grader is on the same level or surpasses the work of the others.

Remain calm and things will work out well.

Ms Sue has given you excellent suggestions. In addition I would add that you are going to make separate plans for each of the students depending upon individual needs. While the subject matter you cover will be the same, the goals you and each student wish to accomplish are going to be different. I would think in terms of group activities on a couple of days, small groups ( 3 or so) on other days, and Individual on a couple of days. (humorous aside) and you will need roller skates, a firm hand and a big smile.

And, get a hobby that can occupy your mind with lessor things at night and weekends. Orchids? Have some avocation to keep you from going crazy and burning out. Well, actually, orchids will make you crazy with orchid fever, but find something that interests you. We don't want to see you one of those two year special ed teachers who leave teaching because of stress and burnout.

Any suggestions how to write out plans like this and
Are you aware of high level low reading level books to incorprate curriculum and reading?

Check the links at this site.


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