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What Philosophy goes with these descriptions.

1. Creator of the Five Ways of proving God’s existence
2. A critic of the ontological argument
3. “God is dead” means there is no rational order.
4. Developer of an effective cosmological argument
5. Philosophers and scientists who supported logical positivism
6. Theists may accept the existence of God as a “basic belief.”
7. A passionate, nonintellectual commitment
8. Truth is subjective.
9. Developed three proofs of God

Sweetpea, please put YOUR answers in and we will be happy to proofread and make suggestions where you need to recheck. We do not do YOUR homework for you.

  • Philosophy -

    God is dead” means there is no rational order.

  • Philosophy -


  • Philosophy -

    developer of an effective cosmological

  • Philosophy -

    Philosophers and scientists who supported logical positivism

  • Philosophy -

    creator of the five ways of proving God;s existence

  • Philosophy -

    "Merit" Essay

    Pojman argues that we should strive to form a world in which "the virtuous are rewarded and the vicious punished in proportion to their relative deserts." Do you agree with Pojman that we deserve what we earn, or do you see problems with his stance? Form a cohesive, well-argued three-page paper in which you explore this question. Use specific examples, and support your arguments.

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