posted by sus

anyone out there have exam # 00778700 and the book of answers would like to hear from you with them. plzzz need help have gotten 65 on all 3 so far

naw but wen u get the answers can u plz messege them to me at myspace? jus look up I love andrew brooks. its a pic of me n another girl wit a white t. i cant giv u my email it wont let me post this messege if it has it on here. it would b a great help. ps do u got the lit. drama exam 00779300?? ill return the favor to any other exam. im done wit everything but a few writing exams.

ok my name is susfri5 at a and an o and a l hopefully u can make that out u can send me an email and than ill send u stuff and ill help u however i can i finished my essays i scored 91 and 81 but this literature is for the birds these idiots who say no cheatin etc im not asking for that im asking for HELP. i have done all other tests.

miranda plz go to myspace and use mine susanbabies1 and at net and zero. hopefully u can make that out. lol there is always ways to figure out something. or even go to pogo and type in susfri5

its OK IVE PASSED ALL OF THEM DID IT THE RIGHT WAY READ READ READ>>>if all else fails give it to the man upstairs

  1. Buck

    yo i need the answers to this test and Poetry, Part 2, Nonfiction. is shizo688 at yah00 d0t c0m

  2. bettie

    i need help with exam 0778700

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