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French 1

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I have tried posting this question a nummber of times. I have to rewrite the following sentences replacing the words in paretheses with object pronoun.
1.J'ai (mes ingredients)
Je l'ai
2 Il regarde (toi et moi).
Nous le regardons
3. Micheal Comprend ( toi et mes amis)
Nous le comprenons.
not sure if I am correct this time with the object prounouns.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. My answer of last night may not have posted. When it doubt all object pronouns go in front of the conjugated verb. With affirmative commands they follow. The word order in front is: me, te, nous, vous before le, la, les before y before en.

1. Je les ai.....

2. Note the subject "il" which does NOT change. We do not see him (as you wrote) but he sees us = Il nous regarde.

3. Look at the "toi et mes amis" which means "you and my friends" or "you all." Again, Michael (note spelling) is the subject. He understands YOU (plural) = Michael vous comprend.

Again, let me caution you that "REWRITE" means the subject stays the same.


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