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Could someone please provide help formulating interview questions relating to learning, intelligence, cognition, problem solving, motivation, effects of gender and culture on emotions and personality.

This is a great deal of information to try to get from one interview. Typically, an interview has a specific purpose — to find out if the person has qualities needed for a specific job, to assess information related to a specific mental disturbance or some other reason.

Questions will vary, depending on the purpose(s) of your interview. What is your purpose for the interview?

If the setting for the interview is not designated, perhaps you can deisgnate it yourself to focus on specific questions.

For example, here are some questions that might be asked of a job applicant:

Why do you want this particular job?

What qualities do you have that qualify you for this job?

What makes you a better applicant than others applying for this job?

You could role play a particular situation that is typical of the desired job to see how the applicant would react.

With a potential mental patient, you would be more concerned with the problem that person has, how long they have had it, what triggered the problem and so on.

There are many paper-and-pencil tests that can be given before the interview. You would typically have historical information that you could rely on for your questions — educational background, work history, marital status, etc. These data will allow you to focus your questions more specifically in the interview.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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