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A 0.13 kg meter stick is held perpendicular to a wall by a 2.6 m string going from the wall to the far end of the stick.
(a) Find the tension in the string.

(b) If a shorter string is used, will its tension be greater than, less than, or the same as that found in part (a)?
_greater than
_less than
_the same as

(c) Find the tension in a 1.9 m string.

I am not too sure where to begin and if anybody could walk me through the problem, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you:)

You know the angle from the dimensions. Sum moments about the point at the wall on the stick, as well sum of vertical forces equals zero, and the sum of horizontal forces is zero. Remember that tension causes two force components, one horizontal, one vertical.

Can you walk me through the steps because I am unclear of how to use the distance...


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