clauses or not

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Can someone help me plzzz?!?!?!?!?!

Here are some sentences that I have to identify as clauses or not. Notice I have put the words that I have to identify in ():

1. The wide variety of rocks (can make them an interesting subject for study.)
not a claus

2. (Diamonds and other gems come from rocks.) claus

3. (Some people enjoy searching for rocks) that contain fossils. claus

4. People (who enjoy collecting rocks and minerals as a hobby) are called "rockhounds." claus

5. Many rocks of interest can be found near your home. not a claus

I put what I thought the correct answer was, are they right?

Yes. You've identified them correctly in the first four sentences. However, apparently you forgot to put parentheses around any words in # 5.

(Many rocks of interest)

You're right about # 5, too. :-)

thank you!

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