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one of the two numbers that can be both the perimeter and the area of the same rectangle

I am assuming that you are seeking the two rectangles that have the area equal to the perimeter.

A 4 x 4 square has a perimeter and area of 16.

A 3 x 6 rectangle has a perimeter and area of 18.

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    Your best answer response would be A 4x4 square has a perimeter and an area of 16.

    Why? Because; a square is consisted of 4 right angles (just like a rectangle.) The formula of the perimeter of a square is P=4+s. 4+4+4+4=16, and the formula to finding area of a square is A=4xs or (4x4). Addition is the extended version of multiplication and more action is required.

    A rectangle has four sides as well, (four right angles just like a square.) 3 is an uneven number for the amount of sides a rectangle has. But yes. The area of the rectangle is 6x3, and the perimeter is 6+6+6 (6x3) so yes, they both have the same perimeter and area.

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