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i have to write a project about amy project. i'll write for what i am trying to say but i hope you can help me put it in a better, organized sentence.

our project is about flying paper airplanes outdoors and it was windy and i want to explain why it's a disadvantage for some people.

It was little windy outside which was a disadvantage for some people. Everyone had to throw thier airplane on at a time. For some peopel, when it was their turn, the wind was there or wasn't thre. that effected the experiement because the airplane flew farther when there was wind than without wind so some people's results were somewhat bias

Okay here goes...

Each person had to throw their paper plane one at a time, but the wind speed varied for each person and so some were disadvantaged. Thus, the experiment was affected because for some people the wind speed was faster, and so their airplanes flew faster. For others, the windspeed may have been slower, so their plane may not have flown as far. This shows a bias in the experiment, as wind speed could not have been accounted for and thus extraneously affected the experiment.

-By the way, was the wind speed the variable you were measuring? Or was it how well the people made the planes etc?

we were measuring the distance it traveled and i had to talk about a problem in the experiement so i just picked the weather.

Remember also that it depends on which way the wind blows. If you're throwing into the wind, the wind would hurt you rather than help you.


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