Algebra 2

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Can someone please check these answers for me?? I'm pretty sure most of them are right, except for maybe the second T/F question...

1) T or F. The domain of y=ln x is equal to the range of y=e (superscript x).
2) T or F. ln(3x x y to the 3rd power) = (ln x 3) x (ln x) x (3 ln y).
3) Pure water has a pH of 7.0. Some acid rain has a pH of 4.5. Acid rain in how many times as acidic as pure water?
316 times more acidic
4) Suppose $3000 is invested at an annual interest rate of 4.8% compounded continously. Assume that there are no other deposits or withdrawls in this account.

What is the amount after 16 years? $6,466.35
How long would it take for the amount in the account to triple?
About 23 years

2) Ln(ab) = ln a + ln b

Ahh ok, so it's false then...thanks. :)

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