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i am giving a speech tomorrow on my persuasive speech on why i think music devices should be allowed in school as long as students follow some rules.

and i was wondering if you have some opening sentences i can start with?
I just don't want to say: I'm doing my speech on music devices in school and i think.......

i want to have a more interesting opening but however i don't like openings where i ask my audience questions: like "how many of you carry ipods in your bag?" I'm not that kind of speaker.

SO PLEASE HELP ME. I'm so nervous for tomorrow, i can't think

As Lillian said so well yesterday:
english - Lillian, Tuesday, May 22, 2007 at 7:51pm
Well, you'll have to think up the lead yourself, but if you would like to know the most common types of leads, I can give you a list:

vivid imagery
interesting fact
anecdote [a little story]

You could even combine a couple -- for example, an interesting fact IN a quotation.

Let us know what you decide, and we can give you some feedback.


Start your speech by playing a few notes on an instrument, or by singing. Then tell the audience that music should be allowed - just NOT THAT KIND. It will amuse, and get their attention. Then you can go on with your speech... you can finish by "threatening" to play some more <G>

I would write your speech first. Just write a bad opening line and start writing. The opening line can even be "I have no clue what I'm going to say here." Then just start talking about whatever comes to mind on the subject.

After that, go back and edit it and start to piece it together.

It's not until you have a really clear focus on what you're trying to say that you can develop a great first line. At least that's how I work.

And a secret they'll teach you in comedy that applies here. Have your LAST line be your best and your FIRST line be your 2nd best.


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