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Player A and B invented a new game. The probability for Player A to win a round is 1/3 and the probability that Player B will win a round is 2/3. To make the game fair, Player A will score 3 points when he/she winds a round and Player B will score 2 points when he/she wins. How many times per round can each player expect to score? That is, what is the expected value for each player?

please help me

^^i really need help with this question^^

To help you understand the question let's assume each player plays 12 games.
Player A, according to your probability should win 4 games, and at 3 points a game should get 12 points
Player B should win 8 games. and at 2 points per win should have 16 points.

The "expected value" = Probability * payback
for player A expected value = 1/3 * 3 = 1
for player B expected value = 2/3 * 2 = 4/3

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