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Hydrogen iodine is a strong acid that is used in chemical synthesis to produce some common drugs as well as a source for iodine, I2. Data for the formation of hydrogen iodine was obtained as shown. The reaction was found to be first order with respect to hydrogen gas and iodine.
[I2](M) time
0.1 time 0s
0.0956 time 100s
0.0916 time 200s
0.0879 time 300s

1. Write the rate equations for the relative rate of dissaperance of hydrogen gas and iodine and the appearance of hydrogen iodide.

2. If the rate of disappearance of iodine vapor is 0.0250M/s, what is the rate of appearance of hydrogen iodide?

second: for each mole of iodine gas, one two moles of HI is produced. THe rate must be double in the same time.

first: Notice that in each second .956 of the reactant is left. How much disappears in each second? .044

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