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I have to write a research paper.My paper topic is Explain how the treatment of women in Dicken's novel Hard Times reflects the Victorian age.
I SHOULD HAVE A CLEAR THESIS IN THE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH, A CLEAR LINE OF DEVELOPMent and arguments.Title has to be more specific than topic. I wrote for now introductory paragraph.Is this OK?Do i have to change or add something?How does it sound?And I have problem with giving a title-i do not know how to name it.

From Hard Times we can get a clear picture how women in Vicorian age are treated.However, not all women are treated the same. There is a distinction between women who belong to a high society and those who are part of middle and lower classes. But all women in general are treated unfair. They can not vote or own property. Their only role is to sit at home and be with children, like Mrs. Gradgrind does. Bad working and underemployment drives women into prostitution which reflects Victorian age. Women in Hard
Times prove that not all women share the same characteristics.On one hand we have Louisa, who is raised without emotions which reflects her whole life, and on the other hand we have Sissy,who is raised by her loveful father who makes possible for Sissy to create her own family full of love and care. Emotions reflected and changed the whole Victorian period.

Maybe a good title would be Hard Times Create Character. That has a double meaning and creates interest in reading the paper.

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