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evaluate each function for the value specified.fx+x2-7x+10;
find (a)f(0),(b)f(5),and(c)f(-2).
can any one help me withthis i have not the first clue how to begin here.

What you wrote is nonsense.

Did you mean

f(x)=x2-7x+10 ?

If so, f(0)= put zero in for x, so it equals 10.

f(5)=5^2 -7*5 +10

yes the problem was f(x)=x2-7x+10 but it had a small 2 by the x and we have to fins (a) f(0),(b) f(5) and (c)f (-2) and i have no clue how to do this

Okay, yes...any time you see f(number), that just means you plug in the number for x, and solve.

f(0) means: do this equation with 0 substituted for x.
f(5) means: do this equation with 5 substituted for x.

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