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Chemistry- acids and bases

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Given the following neutralization raction: HCO3^- + OH^- <=> CO2[over]3^- + H2O

a. label the conjugate acid-base pairs in this system

b. is the forward or reverse reaction favored? Explain.

Write net ionic equations that represent the following ractions:

a. the ionization of HClO3 in water

b. NH3 functioningas an Arrhenius base

Calcium selenate has the formula CaSeO4

a. what is the formula for selenic acid?

b. what is the formula for selenous acid?

H2SO3 -> H^+ + HSO3^-

HSO3^- -> H^+ + SO3^-2

Which stage of ionization is favored? Explain your answer in terms of relative acid strength.

You would do well to post one question per post. It makes it easier that way. Also, we don't do homework but we help. Please indicate what you think the answers are and why you think that way. For the first one, remember the definitions. HCO3^- must be giving away its proton for it ends up on the other side as CO3^=. So HCO3^- must be an acid and its conjugate base is CO3^=.

sorry, its my first time using this website. thanks for the help though

  • Chemistry- acids and bases -

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