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Calculus - Find volume of cylinder

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There is a cylindrical tank lying horizontally on the ground, its diameter is 8 feet, and length is 25 feet, the depth of the water currently in the tank is 2 feet. (1 gallon=231 cubic inches)
How many gallons of water are in the tank?
How many gallons of water will it take to fill the tank?

My teacher asks us to solve this by using 2 ways: non-calculus and calculus. I figured out the non-calculus one by using geometry, but I have no idea about the calculus method. Can anyone possibly help me some?

Thank you.

But probably this problem is not that hard, this is a Calculus AB level question, so we are suppose to use the disc method, shell method or cross section things like that. But I hardly relate this problem to them...

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